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Machine Learning

The Data Scientist VS The ML Engineer: A Showdown | Image designed by Author

Some time ago, a client approached me with a project proposal. He wanted me to use a certain Product-Market framework & write an article from a Data Scientist’s POV. His reasoning, “my Machine Learning skills could prove useful to analyze the drawbacks and/or gaps in the framework to add to it”. And to be clear here, I’m no Data Scientist by craft either.

A couple of emails later, it didn’t take me long to realize his requirements. His target audience for the article were individuals in a non-engineering field. Perhaps, marketing (my assumption) or maybe analysts.

It made me wonder…


GitHub Actions (and GitHub) plus Heroku is a match made in heaven

GitHub Actions (and GitHub) plus Heroku is a match made in heaven

I build Python projects & host the source code on GitHub repositories quite often. And thanks to GitHub Actions, I needn’t worry about Continuous Integration needs either. While Heroku takes care of my Continuous Deployment needs.

But, there’s a problem. Heroku doesn’t provide a straightforward way to deploy the project using GitHub Actions. I need to download Heroku CLI to do it instead.

And if you’ve been reading my articles, you would know I’m quite a minimalist. I don’t like adding more bloatware & extra dependencies to my…


Who needs Digital Ocean when you got Google Serverless services?

Have you ever built a Machine Learning application? And did you wonder to yourself how to showcase it on the Internet, then you’re not alone. Fortunately, there’s a pretty good solution to this dilemma. And the solution is “ Serverless Computing “! And guess what? Google Cloud Platform (GCP) & Serverless Computing are a match made in heaven.

With GCP, you don’t just get one serverless service but three great services. And each catering to a very niche need based on the type of your projects. But choosing the right service can be confusing which is why I wrote this…


Hugo Static Site Generator on Steroids


A developer without a blog is like a fisherman without their fishing rod. While it is possible to fish with just a thread & a hook, the rod makes life much easier for the fishermen. In that context, Dan Bader summed it up well in his article — 3 Reasons Why You Need a Programming Blog.

But, if you’ve read some of my previous articles, you would know choosing the right tools to blog is no easy task. I wrote about such a dilemma I was in earlier. Here’s the article — Medium vs Static Site Generators — A Computer…


So confusing! Which Static Site Generator should I use? | Source: Author

So confusing! Which Static Site Generator should I use?

When I started blogging, I was looking for a platform to host my content on. I shared my dilemma in a previous article. Check it out at: Medium Vs Static Site Generators-A Computer Vision Engineer’s Dilemma. Suffice to say, a year later I use both, Medium & a SSG to create my blog.

But choosing the right Static Site Generators (SSGs) was never an easy task. I looked around. Tried a couple of available options. And I figured something out. …


Graphic describing Python with GitHub services can give the maintainer of a project peace of mind.
Graphic describing Python with GitHub services can give the maintainer of a project peace of mind.
Host & use GitHub services for a peaceful mindset | Source — Somraj Saha (Author)

Have you ever spent ages tinkering with CI/CD tools rather than work on writing code for your Python project?

I sure did! There were times Poetry couldn’t install dependencies due to virtual environments. Or other times, the dependencies wouldn’t just cache for some reasons. On top of that, CI/CD tools are difficult to debug dude to obscure error messages.

Hence, I’m sharing this GitHub Actions workflow which I use with most of my Python projects. It works right out-of-the-box without any tinkering & sets you on the right path to publishing your project. The workflow is very minimal yet doesn’t…

Software Development

Who needs Linux when you got a fully customized Windows Terminal!

Heard of the new Windows Terminal (WT), Microsoft has been actively working on recently? You might’ve if you’ve been following my updates on Twitter. I was advocating Microsoft’s effort to make Windows a more developer-friendly platform for quite a while now. And ever since I moved from Ubuntu to Windows for my coding needs, I’ve come to realise how things have changed on Windows-land for the better.

What is This New Windows Terminal?

With that said, WT is a console developed & distributed by Microsoft. It supports a wide variety of shells, the full list…

A sign on the door signifying the store as open to customers.
A sign on the door signifying the store as open to customers.
Photo by Leyre Labarga on Unsplash

Open-Source Software

The early 2000s witnessed the rise of the software revolution. With it came the idea of “Free & Open-Source Software (FOSS)” after Richard Stallman initiated his Free Software Movement. And in 2020, Open-Source Software is almost the new standard within the software industry. [1] So much so that recruiters often expect new budding software developers to “contribute to” open-source software projects. Or other times, an open-source software (not necessarily free though) is chosen over a proprietary one by the consumers simply due to the quality assurance & trust factor. …

Computer Vision

A Macbook beside a Typewriter to compare old & new techniques
A Macbook beside a Typewriter to compare old & new techniques
Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

Deep Learning(DL) is undeniably one of the most popular tools used in the field of Computer Vision(CV). It’s popular enough to be deemed as the current de facto standard for training models to be later deployed in CV applications. But is DL the only available option for us to develop CV applications? What about Traditional techniques that have served the CV community for an eternity? Has the time to move ahead & drop working on Traditional CV techniques all together in favor of DL arrived already? …


Man facepalming out of disappointment.
Man facepalming out of disappointment.
Photo by Nik Shuliahin on Unsplash

Around 4 years ago, it was this specific video — MarI/O — Machine Learning for Video Games on YouTube which piqued my interest in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning. Being an avid gamer as well as also having an academic background in Economics, I thought to myself, “Oh I already have half of the skills required to make Mario do stuff like this on his own”.

You see, that was the first misconception I had about Machine Learning (or Data Science in general). Little did I know what Reinforcement Learning was, where & how it was used. But did I…

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